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PakTameer brings at your doorstep the home secure service, a convenience to check the quality of building materials being used for your home construction. To achieve the aim, we have developed certain SOPs and physical tests to perform on various construction materials like cement, bricks, sand, paint, chips, and flooring etc. Our team of experts and certified professionals can perform a quality check on demand and on site to aid in building a safe home. Forget the wall cracks and paint peel off troubles, once you invest in high-quality and original building products. The products we select for you are pure and without any mixings.


At Paktameer, we stay precise to be perfect. Thus, we introduce our home secure to help you build a better home!


Avail the opportunity right now for you future home or any of the old home that’s nearly worn and torn. Let’s shake hands to make your project a success this year whether it’s your home, office, or apartment building. We would take care of the building material quality-checks and you can periodically visit us to see your home growing up fast. We have it all in black and white; so whenever you would visit us, there will be a submission of reports and status to the owner of the house.


Our visits to the construction site will be based on package selection form available in standard or premium category. Fill out the form below to start building your home together. For more details contact us.


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Call us : 03-111-444-424